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JUUL alternatives I found

Many JUUL alternatives exist in the market which is cheaper than JUUL. The reason these can act as a JUUL alternative is that they can provide an enhanced vaping experience to their users at a cheaper price. Given below is the list of the top of such alternatives that can give a tough competition to the successful brand.


  1. Souring Air– An effective JUUL alternative, Souring Air is an ultra-portable vaporizer. This mouth to lung pod actually does a lot of vapor production for its size. The pod is refillable and has a 2ml e-juice holding capacity. Its atomizer is robust with a durable build. Souring producing quality products and hence this product delivers on the reputation. It is the latest version of Souring Drop and has quickly escalated the list of the topmost alternatives.
  2. SMOK Infix– The latest product of Smock, Infix, is a great JUUL alternative. This vape has a sleek and easy to use design, which attracts a lot of newbie’s. Due to its feature of being easy to use while opening, it has become the favourite of beginners. With a pod capacity of 2ml, a 250-mah battery supports this vape. The best feature of Infix is that it is much cheaper in price than the other alternatives.
  3. Mi Pod– A product of Smoking Vapor, MI Pod is a refillable vape. This pod is disposable and its unique shape makes it stand apart from the other products. It is gaining popularity as a JUUL alternative and its square shape adds to its attractive design. Its coil lasts long and the battery is of 950 mah, which is a great feature. It can be used as a direct lung device of vaping or as mouth to lung. However, it has a plastic build unlike the other competitors and is a little costlier.
  4. Smock Novo– Smock Novo is a cheap and effective JUUL alternative, which can be used at the beginner level. It has some very impressive features. The multiple designs of this product add to its charm. The battery life is also very good and the atomizer is very functional in itself. One of the best features of this JUUL alternative is that it can be used for vaping even while it is charging. Its compact size makes it small and easy to carry.
  5. Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod Kit– The nautilus tank was remade into this product by the company. It is the all-in-one type of vape kit with a solid vaporizer. The compact vaporizer of this kit has everything that is needed for a great vaping experience.

In order to get the best alternative the users must pay attention to the features that matter to them the most; for example, some may want a cheaper vape device, whereas some may be looking for more flavors to experience.

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